Inner Tubes

Made by Deli brand vintage and collector car inner tubes with TR13 offset rubber stem.

Recommended for Steel Belt Radial and Bias Ply tyres on steel or alloy wheels.



Deli brand tubes are built using premium grade materials. They are excellent quality tubes, available in a wide range of sizes for collector and specialty vehicle applications. Actual item may differ from photo.

Diameters: 10″, 12″, 13″, 14″, 15″

  • ER10 $25
  • FR12 $26
  • FR13 $28
  • GR13 $28
  • FR14 $28
  • GR14 $28
  • 60015 $35
  • GR15 $32
  • KR15 $32

Pricing is per tube including: GST.

Fitment Guide:

  • ER10 – 145R10, 145/80R10
  • FR12 – 145/80R12, 5.00-12, 135R12, 5.20-12, 145R12, 165/70R12, AR78-12, 5.50-12, 155R12, 155/70R12, BR78-12, 5.60-12, 6R12SL.
  • FR13 – A78-13, 185/70R13, 6.00-13, B78-13, 165/80R13, 205/60R13, 6.15-13, A70-13, 175/80R13, 6.40-13, B70-13, 6.50-13, A60-13, 165/75R13, AR78-13, B60-13, 175/75R13, BR78-13, 175R13, 185/75R13, AR70-13
  • GR13 – C78-13, 215/60R13, 7.00R13, D78-13, 185R13, 225/60R13, 195R13, CR78-13, C70-13, 185/80R13, DR78-13, D70-13, 195/75R13, CR70-13, DR70-13, 195/70R13, 205/70R13, 215/65R13, 235/60R13, 6.70R13.
  • FR14 – A78-14, 165R14, 185/70R14, 6.00-14, B78-14, 165/80R14, 205/60R14, 185/60R14, B70-14, 155/80R14, 195/60R14, A60-14, 165/75R14, AR78-14, 6R14SL, B60-14, 175/75R14, BR78-14, 7R14SL, 155R14, 175/70R14.
  • GR14- C78-14, G60-14, 215/60R14, 7.00R14, D78-14, 185R14, 225/60R14, 6.50R14, E78-14, 195R14, 245/60R14, 7.35R14, F78-14, 175R14, CR78-14, C70-14, 185/80R14, DR78-14, LT195/75R14, D70-14, 175/80R14, ER78-14, 700R14LT, E70-14, 195/75R14, 7.9R14LT, F70-14, 185/75R14, CR70-14, 26 x 850R14LT, C60-14, 205/75R14, DR70-14, 27 x 850R14LT, D60-14, 195/70R14, ER70-14, E60-14, 205/70R14, FR70-14, F60-14, 235/6014, 6.70R14
  • 60015 – A78-15, 175R15, 195/60R15, 5.00-15, B78-15, 155/80R15, 205/60R15, 5.50-15, B70-15, 165/80R15, AR78-15, 6.00-15, 155R15, 175/75R15, BR78-15, 165R15, 185/70R15, BR70-15
  • GR15 – C78-15, 215/60R15, D78-15, 185R15, 225/60R15, E78-15, 195R15, F78-15, CR78-15, 6.85R15, C70-15, DR78-15, D70-15, ER78R15, E70-15, 195/75R15, FR78-15, F70-15, 185/75R15, CR70-15, C60-15, DR70-15, D60-15, 195/70R15, ER70-15, 27 x 750R15LT, E60-15, 205/70R15, FR70-15, F60-15.
  • KR15 – G78-15, 225R15, 235/60R15, 7.75R15, H78-15, 195/80R15, 245/60R15, 8.00R15, G70-15, 215/75R15, 8.25R15, H70-15, GR78-15, 8.55R15, H60-15, 205/75R15, HR78-15, G60-15, 215/70R15, GR70-15, 205R15, 225/70R15, HR70-15, 215R15, 255/60R15, 7.50-15